About Us

Blackmont Capital Capital is an investment and asset management company operating since September 2005. We are a group of corporate and investment experts that have been in the investment sector for over a decade.

Blackmont Capital provides different competitive investment programs with guaranteed returns for everyone, whether it is businessman, retired person, housewife or college student. Our commitment is to our client’s investment needs.

Our business model and investment strategy helps us provide guaranteed returns to every customer, no matter the amount invested which has given investment products are one of the best on the financial market. We monitor and invest in financial opportunities in domestic and foreign stocks, bonds, metals, mutual funds, options, insurance, and annuities.

Also we have specialists in the world of Crypto-Markets, therefore we help investors capitalize on calculated beneficial global investment opportunities.

Our expertise is a fusion of experience and qualified professionals from diverse industries and markets such as bankers, financial analysts, actuaries and economist with years of business and financial acumen. Therefore, we are able to monitor various markets 24 hours a day. The Markets never sleep and neither do we.

Interestingly, we have a very large client base with a track-record of having an outstanding and highly recommended investment and portfolio diversification management. Over time we have broken transnational barriers and boundaries to explore new investment frontiers in various countries. Our offices have significantly grown over the years.

In order to touch base with the growing demand for our exceptional services in the investment industry, our online investment portal was launched in 2013. This has helped various individuals and organizations across the world to securely grow their assets strategically, thereby enabling us to fulfill our global corporate social responsibilities.

Our revenue and clientele grew exponentially over the years due to our ability to identify and harness excellent investment opportunities. According to the financial report presented at the board meeting at our headquarters in Feb. 2016, we have an operating revenue of over 470 million dollars.

Our growth can also be attributed to the excellent strategy we apply to our portfolio diversification. None of the above objectives would have been achieved without efforts, dedication, commitment and hard work of our staff, contracted experts, partners and clients.